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Posted By Rodney Thibeau  on September 20, 2006
Excellent Website. Very informative as well as interesting. Pictures of isle madame on the website, truly shows the beauty of this island, and why we should not take it for granted.

Posted By Cyril J. Boudreau  on August 3, 2006
Isle Madame, a beautiful place to spend time building memories that will last a lifetime.
Posted By John B  on July 14, 2006
I was actually searching for something else, before stumbling upon this website. So, I decided to pop inside and take a look.

It's a great website!!!

Very informative, and keeps me up to speed on things around the community; especially when I'm away from home.

I will add this website to my Favorites :).
Posted By Bobby Campbell  on July 7, 2006
To all of you who keep saying that there should be a section that includes places to stay while in Isle Madame, why don't you refer to the "Accomodations" link under the "Business" section. In case you still can't find it, follow this link:

Posted By daniel landry  on July 6, 2006
Brings me Home when I can't make it home Keep up the great work.FRom Victoria B.C.
Posted By Roger Perry  on July 5, 2006
Right now I live in Kitchener, Ontario, but it will never be Isle Madame.
Posted By Arlene Boudreau, Collingwood,ON  on July 5, 2006
Congratulations on a job welldone! It's a great link that brings us one step closer to home and I'll be forwarding it to friends and family living away.
Posted By Shelley  on July 4, 2006
Great web site about home....lots of info...need some info added on places to stay while in Isle Madame... Great job to all that made it be ....
Posted By Lori Benoit  on June 27, 2006
Great job on site guys!!!
I talk to people in United States everyday and will certainly give them the website, when they ask about Isle Madame
Posted By Jack Ouellette  on June 26, 2006
very nice, professional quality website. Good job.
As an "aside", all those churches on one little island? Oh well, I'm sure those Christians love one another--------regardless of colour, creed or language. What a wonderful place!
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