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Posted By Billy Mauger  on January 18, 2007
Just checking to see what's new on the site... Went out to see the Rankin Family sing here in Vancouver last night... they were amazing as usual. All the best to those who are away and to all of you back 'home'.
Posted By Darrell Wilcox  on November 28, 2006
Very well done ....nice to see smaller communities promoting their strenghts in references to what they can offer in the community, .......business and torism industry....."to the world " as a local cape breton business man ........many small steps equals one large step.......congradulations on ur steps!!!!!!!
Posted By Renee  on November 27, 2006
Beautiful! Great job:) I never really got the chance to explore the website, but now that I have I realize how great of a site it really is.
Posted By laurent d'Entremont  on November 20, 2006
Loved your website...real professional, also loved Isle Madame when I was there this past fall....great photos....
Posted By Billy Mauger  on October 23, 2006
Something brought me back to the site again today... must be that "Cape Breton sickness", hehe. Okie, I'm smiling again. Fair Winds and Following Seas, Billy.
Posted By Jeb Beerbox  on September 27, 2006
Isle Madame is divided politically, socially and otherwise. Rally the troops and push change. Its time to be one Island at last! Its a beautiful place that deserves love.
Posted By Barbara Janvrin  on September 21, 2006
I am curious about the history of "Janvrin Harbour". Could you direct me to some history.
Posted By Rodney Thibeau  on September 20, 2006
Excellent Website. Very informative as well as interesting. Pictures of isle madame on the website, truly shows the beauty of this island, and why we should not take it for granted.

Posted By Cyril J. Boudreau  on August 3, 2006
Isle Madame, a beautiful place to spend time building memories that will last a lifetime.
Posted By John B  on July 14, 2006
I was actually searching for something else, before stumbling upon this website. So, I decided to pop inside and take a look.

It's a great website!!!

Very informative, and keeps me up to speed on things around the community; especially when I'm away from home.

I will add this website to my Favorites :).
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