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Posted By Karen Frau  on September 19, 2008
Tried to leave a message but got censored. Nice touch.
Posted By Glenn MacKay  on September 1, 2008
Are there any campgrounds on Isle Madame? My family wants to spend a weekend relaxing while I do some kayaking in the area. Thanks!

Glenn MacKay
Posted By Chris Terrio  on August 19, 2008
I remember being a teenager, (which hopefully isn't to difficult for most people) hanging around Emile Benoit's Take Out. Just being a teenager, doing at that time whatever teenagers manage to do, when in reality there wasn't anyting to do, other than the occasional dance. We wished with all our hearts that someday there would be something...just anything to do.
Then came the fall of the fisheries and with a snowball effect.....Isle Madame began to grow and with a part of that growth...LIFE...life came to the waterfronts of Isle Madame.
People now had a reason to come from away AND from close by. To come out of their houses. To invite and to welcome families and friends, to help us partake of our own diverse culture. Music....Dance....Song...Our company and Camaraderie. To rejuvinate themselves and be ...ALIVE...I applaud all of those responsible for all their difficult work to make all of this possible..and more. I was especially thrilled to see so many people come to the main event "Codstock" and show us all that there is life outside of the four walls of our houses and that at least once a year...One Night...we can enjoy each other and enjoy...LIFE...To all of those responsible,,,,Thank you.
Chris Terrio
Posted By Jack Ouellette  on July 23, 2008
Once again the community has lived through "Codstock". This "festival" is nothing more than a waterfront drunk. It has little to do with "culture and lifestyle" unless drunkeness and rowdyism is a way of life for Acadians and the rest of us----------niether of which is so. The loud music, disorganized and oppressive traffic , as well as the bewildering amount of traffic ruin the night for many of us, only to have the big drunk move to local homes to continue on into the morning hours. This goes on as "late" as 4:30 AM and makes it impossible for the nieghbourhood to sleep. The roar of little spoiled boys and their Hondas with straight pipes is bad enough at the best of times, but reaches absurd levels during your "festival". I love my community and take pride in it. I chose to live here and I do not take it for granted. Codstock stinks like rotten fish. Give us a break and give it up.

Posted on July 12, 2008
Posted By Jack Ouellette  on July 22, 2008
it seems that the little lawyers who run DIMA delete gurestbook entiries that are critical of the "culture and lifestyle" activities they promote like Codstock. If any of these whimps lived on my street they'd have a different view of things. They're have turned a fine venue into a landfill.
Posted By David Mc Donald  on July 3, 2008
I am from the Mc Donald homestead at the top of the Descousse hill.

I intend to build on the lot.

Posted By Art Nolan  on June 22, 2008
Both my grandmothers were born on the island!
Posted By Emma LeBlanc  on June 4, 2008
lalalalalalalalalalalalal BAM!
Posted By fred taylor  on March 23, 2008
My mother's parents were Remi BeauSejour and Delphine Evangeline Benoit, both born in Arichat. My wife and I would like to visit Arichat.

Other family names are Martel and LeBlanc.

Fred Taylor
Casper, WY
Posted By jean paul landry  on March 15, 2008
nice pics they even look better in ft.mac
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