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Posted By marcell carl boudreau  on December 21, 2017
List of winners please let me know.
Posted By DARRYL; PETTIPAS  on November 3, 2015
Been gone from Isle Madame since 1965. Still very interested in hearing from old friends and all that is new in this area.
Posted By donald Maclellan  on January 13, 2015
have share on my group page ,,nice web page : Donald
Posted By Mado Shrivel  on September 25, 2014
I went 3 years ago in ILse Madame looking for first Dugas family. My mother was a Dugas and when I visited Fortereste de Louisbourg a worker told me that I will find more Dugas at Isle Madame. I discovered only one grave yard with Dugas.
In the parish, I wish to know if there are more Dugas' family.
Posted By Marilyn kristoff( Mc Taggart)  on December 6, 2013
Just found this site and will keep iit in my favourites. I grew up in Arichat during the 60's and it was a wonderful place to grow. My sister still lives in D'escousse and I have lots of relatives on the island. I come to visit just about every year and enjoy it so much. Keep up the good work, Marilyn
Posted By Doris Samson Betts  on August 28, 2012
I am so proud to say I come from Isle Madame, one of the best-kept secrets of Nova Scotia! The simple beauty of its natural landscape, its history and culture, and the warmth of its people are not to be surpassed! When I visit, I always hate to leave, especially on a sunny day when the harbour is sparkling with dancing diamonds.If I'm really lucky, I'll be there when the pilot whales come into Arichat Harbour to feed, a sight I've enjoyed since my childhood visits. From quiet walks on the Eco-trail and Pondville Beach, to watching the sun set over the rocky hills and islands, to tasty morsels of freshly caught mackerel or snow crab, Isle Madame is a gem of a place and is not to be missed on anyone's next trip to Cape Breton Island. So looking forward to my next visit...

Doris Samson Betts
Posted By Don J. Hearn  on August 5, 2012
no comment
Posted By Laurie Leigh  on May 1, 2012
I met a resident of Arichat in Regina, Saskatchewan. He was working here for a few months. Meeting him inspired me to look up where he hailed from. What a beautiful piece of Canada! I want to come and visit!
Cheers! Laurie
Posted By karen  on April 30, 2012
I own a piece of land on highway 320 in Poulamond, it has been in our family for a long time. We are thinking of putting a cottage there. I was wondering if people ever swim in Poulamond Bay as our land is on the water side (both sides actually) of the highway and we would like to be able to swim. It is just past 2482.
Posted By Gerard Gervais boudreau  on April 4, 2012
Je suis un Boudreau de la Gaspesie qui demeure a Toronto J'aimerais visiter l'Ile madame un jour
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